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Barrier Reef Restaurant
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Barrier Reef Restaurant, a new wave in dining®, is a bold, unique concept dining experience that goes beyond imagination to capture the essence of one of the Earth's greatest natural wonders — The Great Barrier Reef!

This concept is achievable through innovative design of live-aquarium environments, a touch of vintage salvage diving equipment, and a dedication to fine cuisine. Barrier Reef will be an experience as awe-inspiring as the spectacle after which it is named.



From the main entry, where guests walk through a jellyfish aquarium over a glass bridge suspended above a pond of stingrays, to the Seascape Dining & Sushi Bar completely walled by saltwater aquariums, Barrier Reef will enchant guests with its striking visuals, casual contemporary atmosphere, and delectable cuisine.

Sip one of the featured mixed beverages at the Shark Reef Longe, then walk through this amazing "innerscape" surrounded by exotic aquatic life — clown, butterfly, foxface and damsel fish darting among beautifully hand-sculpted coral designs — to find the perfect spot for a perfect dinner. Barrier Reef offers three distinct dining venues to accommodate all tastes and desires — the more relaxed dining in the Shark Reef Lounge, Raw and Sushi Bars, and classic seafood service in the elegant atmosphere of the Seascape Dining Room and Diver's Den.



Barrier Reef Restaurant boasts 280 linear feet of aquariums — nearly the length of a football field, an impressive 52,270 gallons of water, and a shark tower three stories tall. Aquariums will be designed and handcrafted by a team of marine biologists, artists, designers, and fabricators with extensive experience designing themed environments and aquariums. Whisper-quiet pumps let guests peacefully enjoy the vibrantly colored fish from the double-sided aquariums shared by the many dining areas.

View a virtual tour of the Barrier Reef Restaurant

Fish Species

Australia's Great Barrier Reef provides a home for approximately 2,800 species of fish found within and among 400 different types of coral. The species listed here are chosen based on availability, compatibility with other species, and our ability to meet their feeding and survival needs. These fish represent the grandeur and fascination that has made the Great Barrier Reef one of the world's top natural wonders.

Angel: French
Angel: Queen
Blackbar Soldier
Butterfly: Raccoon
Chromis: Blue reef coloration
Clown: Maroon G/S
Damsel: Garibaldi
Damse: Sergeant
Eel: Green Moray
Eel: Zebra Moray
Freshwater Stingray: Leopard
Freshwater Stingray: Pearl
Foxface: Magnificent
Goatfish: Red Bar
Grouper: Blalck
Grouper: Red
Grunt: French
Hamlet: Indigo

Jack: Golden Trevallly
Jellyfish: Moon
Shark: Bamboo
Shark: Blacktip
Snapper: Emperor
Tang: Atlantic Blue
Tang: Naso
Tang: Vlamingi
Tang: Yellow
Trigger: Clown
Trigger: Niger
Tuskfish: Harlequin
Wrasse: Broomtail
Wrasse: Green Bird

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