Proposed HYATT Project
Barrier Reef Restaurant
Entry/Host Area Floor Plan

Level 2
Entry/Host Area

From the HYATT Regency mezzanine you enter the Barrier Reef surrounded by floor-to-ceiling jellyfish aquariums, then walk over a transparent bridge arched above stingrays swimming below your feet. That's just for starters as you begin an aquatically themed dining experience like no other.

Water Features

  • Two Entry Jellyfish Aquariums; Each 8' x 8' with 5' x 5' Viewing windows; Total 2,000 gal.
  • Stingray Floor Aquarium 11' x 16' x 2' with Acrylic/Glass Bridge; 2,700 gal.
  • Host Area Koi Pond with View of Hotel Drop-off Area Through Bottom of Pond; 13' x 6' x 3''; 1,900 gal.
  • Three Double-sided Aquariums Viewed from Hallway and Private Dining Rooms; Each 10' x 30" x 42"; Total 2,000 gal.

Interior Design Features

  • Wood-block Flooring and Plush Carpeting
  • Custom Seashell Chandeliers

Architecture Features

  • Hotel Drop-off Area View Through Bottom of Koi Pond
Total Square Feet 606


Ground Level:

Level 2:

Roof Top:

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