Proposed HYATT Project
Barrier Reef Restaurant
Shark Bar Floor Plan

Ground Level
Shark Bar

The ground level of Barrier Reef anchors its defining feature—a 30-foot cylinder of glass swirling with colorful fish, barracuda, and sharks against a background of vivid corals. This is the compelling back bar facing 24 guests seated at the Shark Bar, its shimmering 50-foot sweep of blue, bottom-lit glass—a metaphor for brilliant waves breaking on a coral reef.

Water Features

  • Entry/Elevator Aquariums
    27' x 30" x 42"; 2,100 gal.
  • Exterior Eel Aquarium
    24' x 30"x 42"; 1,500 gal.
  • Stair Aquarium/Pond Hybrid
    19' x 26' x 4'; 11,850 gal.
  • Coral Reef Base of Shark Tank
    12' dia. x 10' tall; 25,400 gal.

Interior Design Features

  • Wood-block Flooring
  • Glass-top, Bottom-lit "S"-Shaped Bar Seating 24
  • Entry Stone and Tile Fireplace

Architecture Features

  • Glass Stairs to Second Level Surrounded by Aquariums
  • Lounge Seating Next to Stingray Aquarium


Total Seating Capacity 138
Total Square Feet 4,299


Ground Level:

Level 2:

Roof Top:

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