Proposed HYATT Project
Barrier Reef Restaurant

Interior Design

Shark Reef Lounge and Shark Bar

Shark Reef Lounge & Shark Bar

"Shark Bar" says it all. The bar top: a wave of luminescent, blue glass sweeping before a coral reef that's alive with barracuda and sharks! It's pure exhilaration. And dread. And discussions about who's higher in the food chain. Make mine a double, mate.

Interior Features

  • Glass-top, Bottom-lit "S"-Shaped Bar Seating 24
  • Custom-built Banquettes with Branch-coral Patterned Fabric
  • Sheer Drapery Along the Large Window View
  • Custom Silver-mirror-tiled Columns
  • Three Stone and Tile Fireplaces
  • Glass Stairs to Second Level Surrounded by Aquariums
  • Wood-block Flooring and Plush Carpet Areas at Lounge Seating
Seascape Dining and Sushi Bar

Seascape Dining & Sushi Bar

Breathtaking appointments enhance the aquatic theme. Mirrored columns. Transparent bridge. In-floor aquariums. Glass stairs. All these work to establish the feeling of sunlight dancing on clear blue waters. Coral fabric patterns and bright furniture accents echo the vibrant colors of the Barrier Reef.

Interior Features

  • Large Sushi Bar Seats 20
  • Split Face Stone Double-sided Fireplace
  • Plush Carpeted Dining Areas and Custom-built Banquettes
  • Sheer Drapery Along Large Window View
  • Custom Silver-mirror-tiled Columns
  • Custom Seashell Chandelier at Main Stairs and Dining Areas
  • 22-seat Bar Facing Waterfall
  • Stingray Floor Aquarium at Entry with Acrylic/Glass Bridge
  • Glass Stairs to Roof Terrace and Shark Reef Lounge


Diver's Den and Private Dining

Diver's Den & Private Dining

The Diver's Den. A private retreat into the locker of men who laughed at danger. Clinging to life on a thread of air, they descended into the deep to claim their treasures. Guests will enjoy a museum-quality collection of diving and nautical artifacts in a richly appointed private lounge with two fireplaces and four aquariums teeming with exotic marine life.

Interior Features

  • Three Aquariums, Each 10' x 30" x 42"; Total 2,000 gal.
  • Radius Aquarium 4' x 4' x 42"; 300 gal.
  • Two In-wall Fireplaces
  • Custom-millwork Display Cases
  • Antique Nautical Artifacts
  • Private Dining for 8 or More
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