Proposed HYATT Project
Barrier Reef Restaurant
Shark Reef Lounge East  Floor Plan

Ground Level
Shark Reef East Lounge & with Balcony

The East Lounge, too, will offer wonderful views of Chicago River traffic with a more downriver view toward Navy pier and the Centennial Fountain with its "must-see" hourly water arc. Guests can see the giant shark tank and other aquarium features through the restaurant's transparent design. Two warming, mood-setting fireplaces grace the area.

East Lounge Features

  • Stair Aquarium/Pond Hybrid
    19' x 26' x 4'; 11,850 gal.
  • Coral Reef Base of Shark Tank
    12' dia. x 10' tall; 25,400 gal.
  • Plush Carpet Flooring
  • Two Fireplaces
  • Sheer Drapery Along the Large Window View
  • Custom Silvered-mirror-tiled Columns


Total Seating Capacity 58
Total Square Feet 1,480


Ground Level:

Level 2:

Roof Top:

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