Proposed HYATT Project
Barrier Reef Restaurant
Shark Reef Lounge & Shark Bar Floor Plan

Ground Level
Shark Reef Lounge & Shark Bar

At the ground level, upon entering the Barrier Reef, there will be two large aquariums viewable from the exterior through to the inside. One to the left filled with a kaleidoscopic array of tropical fish, and the one to the right with green and zebra moray eels. Both displays there to amaze patrons or entice travelers checking into the HYATT.

Water Features

  • Entry/Elevator Aquariums
    27' x 30" x 42"; 2,100 gal.
  • Exterior Eel Aquarium
    24' x 30"x 42"; 1,500 gal.
  • Stair Aquarium/Pond Hybrid
    19' x 26' x 4'; 11,850 gal.
  • Shark Tank
    12' dia. x 30' tall;
    25,400 gal.

Interior Design Features

  • Wood-block Flooring and Plush Carpeting
  • Glass-top, Bottom-lit "S"-Shaped Bar Seating 24
  • Three Stone and Tile Fireplaces
  • Sheer Drapery Along the Large Window View
  • Custom Silvered-mirror-tiled Columns

Architecture Features

  • Glass Stairs to Second Level Surrounded by Aquariums
  • Outdoor Balcony Seating
  • Three Distinct Lounge Service Areas


Total Seating Capacity 138
Total Square Feet 4,299


Ground Level:

Level 2:

Roof Top:

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