Proposed HYATT Project
Barrier Reef Restaurant
Seascape Dining Floorplan

Level 2
Seascape Dining Rooms 1/2/3/4

Four dining areas with one thing in common—no compromise in the level of elegance and creatively themed accents. As unimaginably colorful and interesting aquatic life swirls around you, you'll discover just how artistically Barrier Reef was designed. Lighting, see-through aquariums,curved glass and acrylic construction, all add a transparent, liquid dimension to this enchanting "innerscape."

Water Features

  • Three Double-sided Aquariums Viewed from Hallway and Private Dining Rooms; Each 10' x 30" x 42"; Total 2,000 gal.
  • Dining Room 2; Double-sided Aquarium 25' x 30" x 42"; 1,700 gal.
  • Dining Room 3; Double-sided Aquarium 15' x 30" x 42"; 980 gal.
  • Back Bar Waterfall

Interior Design Features

  • Split Face Stone, Double-sided Fireplace
  • Wood-block Flooring and Plush Carpeting
  • Custom-built Banquettes with Branch-coral Patterned Fabric
  • Custom Seashell Chandeliers

Architecture Features

  • Hotel Drop-off Area View Through Bottom of Koi Pond
  • Glass Stairs to Roof Terrace and Shark Reef Lounge
  • 22-seat Bar Facing Waterfall
Total Seating Capacity 194
Total Square Feet 4,931


Ground Level:

Level 2:

Roof Top:

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