Proposed HYATT Project
Barrier Reef Restaurant
Sushi Bar Floor Plan

Level 2
Sushi Bar

If a 12,000 gallon tank of sharks isn't enough to hold your attention, watching the artistry of our sushi chefs might distract you for a moment or two providing you can pull your gaze from the tour-boat parade or a glowing Chicago cityscape. Apart from its exotic seafood offering, Barrier Reef dining is a visual feast.

Water Features

  • Shark Tank 12' dia. x 30' tall; 25,400 gal.
  • Dining Room 2; Double-sided Aquarium 25' x 30" x 42"; 1,700 gal.

Interior Design Features

  • Split Face Stone, Double-sided Fireplace
  • Wood-block Flooring
  • Tiled Sushi Bar Front
  • Leather-back Chairs

Architecture Features

  • Glass Stairs to Roof Terrace and Shark Reef Lounge
Total Seating Capacity 27
Total Square Feet 890


Ground Level:

Level 2:

Roof Top:

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